The history and development of the company


foundation of the company Tovarna kopalniške opreme within the company Novoles


beginning of production in Rosalnice near Metlika (plant Novoles TOZD TKO - Tovarna kopalniške opreme opens)


conclusion of construction of a new finished products warehouse


first massage tub named OHRID 180


new production unit for production of kitchen sinks in Radatovići (Croatia), a year later a new modern unit for production of polyester


new programme of kitchen sinks Kolpa Ker


first appearance on the European markets (kitchen sinks) and acquisition of the company METKO Metlika with all its employees


exhibition and sales salon, where new trends and development of Kolpa's products can be recognised


difficult situation on the markets of the former Yugoslavia and a subsequent war brings a 70 % loss of Kolpa's markets, which leads to severe financial problems; with a referendum, the workers decide to leave the Novoles system and take the Kolpa river as a symbol of their new direction. On 24 September 1990, the company transforms from TOZD to a public property company, and on 27 November to a joint stock company


foundation of the companies Kolpa San d.o.o. and Kolpa Ker d.o.o.


beginning of Kerrock production


acquisition of the ISO 9001 quality certificate


a milestone moment, which brings a new identity to the company, when the company ownership structure transforms;

the company Kolpa San d.o.o. merges with the company Kolpa d.d. Metlika


a period of increased growth, sales are more than doubled, the company founded the companies and acquired shares:

2000 - acquisition of majority share in the joiner's company Hrast Ĺ entlovrenc d.o.o.

2002 - foundation of trade companies in Budapest (Hungary), Kolpa San d.o.o. and in Subotica (Serbia), Kolpa Trade d.o.o.


construction of a new distribution centre in Metlika   


- acquisition of the plant, land and office spaces of Žarko Zrenjanin in Zrenjanin (Serbia) and foundation of the production company Kolpa Zrenjanin d.o.o.;

- establishment of the company Kera - Kor d.o.o. in Radatovići as the legal heir of Kolpa Ker d.o.o.;

- foundation of the company Kolpa - Line d.o.o. in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


foundation of engineering companies in Slovenia, Kolpa - Invest d.o.o. and in Croatia, Invest Zadar d.o.o.;

foundation of companies in Russia, Kolpa - Rus d.o.o. and the production company Kolpa San d.o.o.;

acquisition of land and office spaces in Sarajevo


foundation of the company Polira d.o.o. in Radatovići;

liquidation of the company Kolpa Ker d.o.o.;


investment in the production halls in Metlika;

new outdoor massage pools programme


change of the informational system;

expansion of the logistic centre


acquisition of the company Lipa Kostanjevica d.o.o.;

opening of a new exhibition, sales and education centre in Metlika;

opening of new line for Kerrock production