The Kolpa san and Kerrock brands

Once people believed that the bathroom is a space used for personal hygiene, and not a place which should be attractively furnished. New times brought different views: it is important to be able to relax and enjoy being in the bathroom, and to leave the real world outside. For realising this vision, the functionality of bathroom equipment alone is not enough; its design and the impression of the entire space with which we satisfy our imagination are also of a great importance. With the help of Kolpa d.d. everyone can now satisfy his or her sense of creativity and emerge themselves in the world of new trends, lively colours, advanced materials and new methods of treatment.

The company is promoting two brands: Kolpa san, which creates bathroom space designed for pleasure and relaxation, and Kerrock that has all the advantages of a modern and advanced material and offers practically unlimited opportunities for shaping due to its incredible characteristics.

kolpasan logo
The Kolpa san programme offers bathtubs and shower trays, shower cabins and massage elements – outdoor massage pools, massage bathtubs and cabins. The space can be exquisitely accessorised with furniture and bathroom accessories. The products form the Kolpa san programme are imprinted into the consciousness of people because of their traditional high quality. They can be recognised for its classical functionality supported by advanced design. The range of choices offers every individual the appropriate product, which will bring them the sense of positive energy, freedom and reliability.

kerrock logo

More demanding and bolder users focus on the composite solid surface material Kerrock, available in various colours and dimensions, which can be shaped in the most innovative forms; it is used for washbasins, kitchen sinks, counters at airports, furniture for business spaces, hospital rooms and interior furniture on boats and in other types of spaces. It can be used without obstacles and adaptation: stains and scratches do not harm it and in case of damage it can be easily repaired and restored. It presents easy maintenance and cleaning because its surface is non-porous, smooth, and the connections are removed and without the relief effect.

Kerrock blends into every space. Due to its advanced technology it can be seen as a creator of a future oriented ambience. Because it is versatile, it can be shaped into practically anything, and every single product, made from Kerrock, radiates originality and distinction. Its universality invites freedom of imagination, freedom of the spirit, a lifestyle without limitations. It combines the strength of hard stone and the magnificence of ceramics, it is durable and reliable. Its main ingredients are aluminium hydroxide and acrylic based polymer binding, and it contains no allergenic substances or other harmful ingredients.