Corporate governance

The management of the Kolpa, d.d. holding company is based on the current legal regulation and the internal regulations of the company while respecting the principles of the Corporate Governance Code. It is conducted according to a two-tier system: the company is led by the management and its operations controlled by the supervisory board. Both respect the principles of mutual trust and demarcation of responsibility.

Bodies of the company are:
manages the company independently, at their own risk and the benefit of the company, and reports regularly to the Supervisory Board. Currently, the management of Kolpa, d.d. consists of one member with the mandate until 18.7.2013.

Supervisory Board selects, appoints and dismisses the board members. The composition of the three-member Supervisory Board is determined according to the Statute of Kolpa d.d., and the organization of work of the Supervisory Board is defined by the Rules of Supervisory Board Procedure. 

Assembly of shareholders is the supreme authority of the company. This is where the shareholders of the company exercise their rights directly and decide on the statutory changes. The management is obliged to convene a general meeting at least once a year.