Have a successful 2018

Date: 22.December 2017

“From one success, another grows.” — John Jakes —


Date: 24.February 2016

Exhibition Centre 90471 Nurnberg, Germany

Kolpa d.d. of Metlika is celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year.

Date: 28.August 2013

We have come a long way in 35 years. We launched our new company within the Novoles corporate structure, operating primarily in the markets of the former Yugoslavia. However, thanks to our product-oriented development strategy, we have also succeeded to penetrate West European markets already at that time. Our strategy of a strong export orientation has proven to be a good decision; over 85 per cent of our products are now being sold within some of the most demanding European markets. We have a presence in more than 37 countries, including the United States.

Fair 2013

Date: 09.January 2013

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