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Mission and vision

Our mission is meeting the needs and wishes of our customers for top products for bathroom equipment and realisation of even the most demanding projects with the composite materials programme Kerrock.

We work with household names from the design world, offering within our rich Kolpa san programme bathtubs, shower trays and enclosures, bathtubs with massage system, massage shower enclosure and bathroom furniture. The Kolpa Solutions programme as a strategic partner offers businesses, industry and tourism companies the design, planning and engineering of turnkey engineering projects – from complete solutions of interior and exterior design to designing innovative facades made of the Kerrock material. The vision of the company is to remain the leading manufacturer of bathroom equipment in the Slovenian market and in the countries of South-East Europe, and to seal its presence and visibility in all European Union markets through its brands. Focused on continuous development, innovations and new products, we want to become a complete provider of interior design equipment for various facilities, while maintaining our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Kolpa's commitment


At Kolpa we understand the business and production process. We follow the principles of “clean production” on a daily basis, which means rational use of raw materials, higher level of productivity and better product quality, and at the same time we are developing an environmentally friendly company. The proof of this is the acquisition of the ISO 14001 environmental standard.


Through sponsorships and donations, we are involved in the life of the region, seeking to improve its quality. We are aware that with a positive attitude towards people and the environment, Kolpa will continue to establish its reputation with success, both at home and abroad.


  • The Kolpa Podzemelj football club, competing in the 3rd Slovenian football league.
  • The Kolpa basketball Club from Črnomelj, competing in the 2nd Slovenian basketball league.

We also sponsor other sports and cultural events at the local level.


International presence

The success of the company Kolpa is also reflected in its expansion

We are one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom equipment in the Central and South-East Europe. Ever since our establishment in 1978, we have built a solid reputation based on knowledge and experience, and in the process, gained confidence in ourself and in our products. The diversity of our supply meets the needs and wishes of even the most demanding individuals, while our superior products create a pleasant atmosphere where people can nourish their bodies and souls, gaining new energy to take on whatever the day brings. Our sights are always set on the future. Quality is our perennial trend, as we are committed to using only quality materials and continuously improving technological processes. This is the reason for the company’s recent growth and expansion, even in a geographical sense. We are present in 44 countries. Kolpa has become an international company with its own manufacturing companies in Croatia, Serbia, and Russia. We are an export-oriented company, selling as many as 80% of our products to demanding European markets.

History of the company

  • 1976
  • 1978
  • 1982
  • 1983
  • 1984
  • 1985
  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1993
  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997 do 2003
  • 2000
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Beginning of planning a production of bathroom equipment within the company Novoles


Establishment of the legal entity Novoles TOZD TKO – tovarna kopalniške opreme


Conclusion of construction of a new finished products warehouse


First massage bathtub named OHRID 180


New production unit for manufacture of Kolpa Ker kitchen sinks opened in Radatovići (Croatia)


The beginning of the marketing of Kolpa Ker kitchen sinks abroad


First introduction of the Kolpa san and Kerrock programmes at the Frankfurt Fair


Acquisition of the company Metko

Exhibition showroom, where new trends and development of Kolpa’s products can be recognised


Company’s employees decide to leave the Novoles system and embark on an independent path. On 24 September 1990, the company transforms from TOZD TKO to a public property company Kolpa p. o.

Recipients of the Eureka gold medal for kitchen sinks


Start of Kerrock programme production in Metlika


Opening of new production line for the manufacture of Kerrock plates, wash-basins and other chemical products


Acquisition of the ISO 9001 quality certificate


With the start of privatization, Kolpa is transformed into KOLPA, d.o.o. Metlika with a known ownership status

1997 do 2003

Period of exceptional growth – sales are more than doubled, the company founded new businesses and acquired shares


Acquisition of majority share in the joiner’s company Hrast Šentlovrenc d.o.o.


Foundation of trade companies Kolpa San d. o. o in Budapest (Hungary) and
Kolpa Trade d.o.o in Subotica (Serbia)

Construction of a new distribution centre in Metlika


Acquisition of the plant, land and office spaces of Žarko Zrenjanin in Zrenjanin (Serbia) and foundation of the production company Kolpa Zrenjanin d. o. o.

Establishment of the company Kera – Kor d. o. o. in Radatovići as the legal heir of Kolpa Ker d. o. o.

Foundation of the company Kolpa – Line d. o. o. in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Foundation of engineering company Kolpa – Invest d. o. o. in Slovenia

Foundation of companies in Russia, the Kolpa – Rus d. o. o. and the production company Kolpa San d. o. o.

Acquisition of land and office spaces in Sarajevo


Foundation of the company Polira d. o. o. in Radatovići


Investment in the production halls in Metlika

New outdoor massage pools programme


Replacement of the information system

Expansion of the logistics centre

Recipients of the Red Dot Award – the Yumi collection


Acquisition of the company Lipa Kostanjevica d.o.o.

Opening of a new exhibition, sales and education centre in Metlika

Recipients of the Super Brand Slovenia Award


Modernisation of the production of bathtubs and bathtubs with massage system

Managing director Mirjan Kulovec receives the award for exceptional economic achievements from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce


Recipients of the Red Dot Award – the Cher collection


Investment in a modern production line for manufacture of bathroom furniture in Kostanjevica na Krki


Increase of production capacities in Kolpa Zrenjanin d. o. o.

The beginning of intensive marketing on the Russian market


Recipients of the SIBRAND Award


Establishment of the subsidiary Kerrock Deutschland GMBH


Opening of a new showroom in Ljubljana


Renovation of the exhibition space in Ljubljana for display of applications of the Kerrock material


Establishment of the Kolpa solutions brand – a comprehensive solution for interior and exterior

Big See Award 2021

For the luxurious villa Olimp in Romania, we received the Big See award for project partner. The building has a Kerrock ventilation facade, in the interior kerrock is used in the kitchen, living room and bathroom.


RedDot Design Award – the YOU collection

The YOU collection from the Kolpa san bathroom programme received an award for good design at the opening of the BIO 20 exhibition. The collection was designed by Primož Tomšič and Aljoša Podbršček.

The elements of YOU collection are characterized by modern design and easy assembly, use and cleaning. The distinctive products are designed to upgrade and complement each other, enabling the users plenty of possibilities for furnishing the bathroom and expressing their individuality.

RedDot Design award – Cher

In one of the most esteemed and acknowledged international industrial design competitions, the Red Dot Design Award, our bathroom furniture Cher – developed in collaboration with the Grafik in Fanatik studio from Nova gorica – received a prestigious award for industrial design from the expert jury. Design experts award only the products that feature particularly sophisticated design solutions.

Recipient of AAA Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness

Companies with excellence in creditworthiness achieve above-average results and are highly unlikely to experience any of the following events in the next twelve months:

  • bankruptcy, compulsory settlement or liquidation,
  • deletion of the entity from the companies register,
  • freezing of subject’s transaction accounts for over 60 days continuously or for over 90 days discontinuously.

In the international settings, certification is already an established practice, by which business entities further consolidate their reputation and trustworthiness in the domestic and foreign business environment. By receiving a certificate, their holders thus gain additional trust from their business partners.

Si.brand top 50

According to the SI.BRAND TOP 50 survey, company KOLPA, d.o.o. Metlika received an award for its KOLPA SAN brand being shortlisted among the 50 most recognized domestic and foreign brands in Slovenia.

The European Product Design Award

In cooperation with the German interior designer Daniele Luciano Ferrazzano the company KOLPA, d.o.o. Metlika, which is renowned not only on the Slovenian market, but also already in 44 countries, won the golden and the silver prize: The European Product Design Award for the Milo and the Boul collection of Kolpa san Premium.

Due to its geometric and straight lines the Boul collection, which won the gold prize, has a purist appearance and, with its innovative and technical solutions, adapts to the user’s needs. The Milo collection, which won the silver prize, impresses with classic, but still elegant soft curves, which are adapted to the living environment, as well as to the client’s wishes as it is available in different colours.

  • Big See Award 2021
  • RedDot Design Award – the YOU collection
  • RedDot Design award – Cher
  • Recipient of AAA Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness
  • Si.brand top 50
  • The European Product Design Award


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